2-Day Sale & New Beaded Scottie Dog Earrings

I am really into making tiny beaded earrings these days! Here are my latest pair of beaded Scottie Dog earrings. These are very lightweight – only 8 grams! Beadwork hangs from small sterling silver ear wires. These Scottie Dogs are wearing pink beaded collars, but I can make them in any color you wish.. These can also be made as tiny post earrings.. Please click the pic for more details.

tiny beaded scottie dog earrings beadwork bead embroidery etsy pink

Also, just a quick note to let you know that I am running a 2-Day Sale in my Etsy shop – this weekend only! All ready-to-ship beaded dog pins and pendants are 10% off, and all beading kits and patterns are 15% off.. Save an additional 10% off at checkout with coupon code HOLIDAY13. Please keep in mind, all orders (within the USA) must ship out via USPS Priority Mail no later than December 21 to guarantee Christmas delivery. I can no longer guarantee Christmas delivery for international orders. Thank you for your understanding, and thanks for your interest in my beadwork!


Happy Beaded Valentine’s Day!

I finally finished working on my little beaded heart-shaped purse just in time for Valentine’s Day! 😀

beaded heart-shaped purse bead embroidery etsy custom order cat Scottie Dog

This purse was a custom order through my Etsy shop. It’s the first purse I have ever made! 😀

beaded heart-shaped purse bead embroidery etsy custom order white cat Scottie Dog

The design was inspired by a vintage Valentine & features a beaded white cat & Scottie dog. They were created using Japanese size 15 seed beads, size 13 charlottes & micro-bugle beads. The dog’s collar features Preciosa’s genuine Czech crystal rosemontees.

beaded bead embroidery handbag custom etsy order white cat Valentine Scottie Dog

The front panel of the purse is completely beaded & the back panel is personalized:)

beaded heart-shaped purse bead embroidery etsy custom order Valentine's Day

The purse is completed with a glass beaded chain and an Ultrasuede lining.

beaded heart-shaped purse etsy custom order ultrasuede Valentine's  Day Scottie Dog

This one-of-a-kind purse measures 14cm x 14cm & took nearly 40 hours to create from start to finish. Soon it will be making the flight to London, England – a city I absolutely love! Wish I could go too! 😀

Beading a Heart; Healing a Heart

Last week, I beaded the entire front panel of my heart-shaped purse -ironically while suffering from my own broken heart:( It is so difficult to do beadwork when all you can see are tears 😥

beaded heart shaped purse bead embroidery etsy Valentine's Day scottie dog cat Valentine

First, I stitched my beaded cat & Scottie dog to the Ultrasuede. Then, I stitched on a few different shades of 11/0 Czech glass seed beads slowly working my way around the heart. To add even more depth to the piece, I then stitched on red Japanese Delicas (with aurora borealis finish) over top of the Czech seed beads.

bead embroidery heart shaped purse beaded valentine etsy scottie dog cat

 This took quite a bit of time to bead, but I love the results. My heart, however, will require quite a bit more time.. 😦

Valentine Cat for Future Beaded Purse

This week, I began working on a new custom order for my Etsy shop – my first bead embroidered purse! This will be a Victorian-style heart-shaped purse featuring a beaded cat & Scottie dog inspired by a vintage Valentine. ♥

beaded cat scottie dog Valentine bead embroidery heart shaped purse handbag etsy

After working on the purse design, I cut out many layers of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff and stitched them altogether. Using 1mm & 2mm glass eyes, I stitched on their noses and eyes. For those who are wondering, I get these at GlassEyesOnline.com. I use the ones which are attached to a long wire. The wire must be cut & poked through the felt then stitched to the back.

beaded heart shaped purse valentine cat kitty etsy custom order handbag

Next, I used Japanese size 15/0 seed beads for the heart and the cat. Its not easy to stitch through all the layers of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, but after I completed the cat’s head, it got easier. Once I completed the entire body, I then lazy stitched some tiny crystal 13/0 charlottes over top of the other seed beads to add a little sparkle. This cat is very small – only 3cm x 3cm. The dog is only slightly larger.. I will be beading him next! :O

>Tiny Beaded Scottie Dog Earrings


Yesterday, worked on a new item for my Etsy shop. Tiny beaded Scottie dog earrings! 🙂

Tiny Beaded Scottie dog Scottish Terrier stud earrings bead embroidery beadwork etsy pin brooch


I had wanted to make more Scottie dogs because the last one I listed sold pretty quickly. These earrings were carefully embroidered onto tiny pieces of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff. (I use Lacy’s for tiny items because it supports the beads better than a piece of felt.) I used tiny size 15 seed beads and size 13 Charlottes. They measure approx. 17mm x 15mm. I made one prototype before I made these to see if I could do it – and I learned that it’s not easy sewing beads to such a tiny piece of fabric! I also learned that it takes just as long to make something tiny as it does to make something larger! After I completed the beadwork, I glued sterling silver stud earring findings to the back using E-6000 glue. Then, I stitched on tiny Ultrasuede backings! I really like how they turned out!

Tiny Beaded Scottie dog Scottish Terrier stud earrings bead embroidery beadwork etsy pin brooch

Today, I want to finish up the beaded Scottie dog pin I started making last night. I think he needs a collar made from 13/o charlottes to match the earrings. After I complete that, I will list these items in my Etsy shop! Please check back for links, or become a fan of The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop on Facebook! What will you be working on today? 🙂

>Beaded Scottish Terrier w/ Free Shipping!


Congrats to JoyfulArt! She won my drawing for a $25 Email Gift Certificate to Artbeads.com!! Check out her Etsy shop, Jewelry Art by Karen. She makes beautiful beaded jewelry! I think she’ll be able to put her gift certificate to good use! And to those who did not win, I still have 3 more Lark Books giveaways happening all month long! Don’t forget to enter this week! 🙂


beaded Scottie Dog bead embroidery Scottish Terrier pin pendant etsy beadwork holiday gift
And, speaking of Etsy, check out my latest item – a beaded Scottie Dog pin! I have been wanting to make a Scottie Dog for awhile now. This one consists of bead embroidery on felt. First I lazy-stitched some silver half-bugle beads, then I layered black size 15 seed beads over them! The black beads are actually beaded fringe which moves when you touch it. I really like how this turned out because the silver beads really sparkle through the black beads in the light! Check out more pics on my Etsy listing HERE. How do you think it turned out? 🙂 

beaded Scottie Dog bead embroidery Scottish Terrier pin pendant etsy beadwork holiday gift


Also, I have just announced FREE SHIPPING on all beaded pins/pendants in my shop! This offer is valid for shipping within the USA only. Please stop by The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop and take a peek. Thanks for your interest in my beadwork! 🙂