Walkin’ the Beaded Dog..

Beaded lady walking dog pin pink pearl poodle bead embroidery beadwork etsy

Last week, I started working on something completely new: a beaded lady walking her pink poodle! The poodle is VERY tiny – 1″ x 1″ (2.5cm x 2.5cm). I used Japanese size 15 seed beads & tiny pink freshwater pearls, as well as a 1mm glass eye for the dog’s nose.

The lady measures approx. 6cm tall x 4cm wide. Her arms are very skinny – only 3mm wide! I used a combination of size 15 seed beads and 13/o charlottes. I will say it wasn’t easy to bead these tiny pieces because there is no fabric to hold on to while beading. I agree that her face does look a bit strange (maybe because its beaded?), but I think that given her tiny size, she will look just fine from a distance.  How do you think she looks? I have one more tiny piece to bead, then I will connect everything together. Perhaps I should use a thimble this time! :O

Weekend Bead Shopper: Freshwater Pearls

Recently, I received a package full of beads from the Philippines: freshwater pearls! These beads were sent to me courtesy of beadsandfindings.net. I absolutely love the unique colors, texture, and shapes! I can’t wait to incorporate them into one of my beaded paintings! 😀

Beads & findings freshwater pearls bead shops Philippines red corals

 I will say that I was very impressed with this online bead shop’s customer service, too. I had wanted to order some Red Coral Chili Beads, but they informed me that they could not ship them to me because their importation is banned in the USA. I had forgotten about that fact, and was a bit surprised to see that my FedEx package had actually been sliced open and inspected by U.S. Customs, resealed with fancy U.S. Fish & Wildlife tape! I guess I’ll have to travel to the Philippines to purchase the beads I want.. Someday! 😉

*Please note: I have received the above mentioned products free of charge from BeadsandFindings.net. This is my honest review of the products and I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received.