Great Glimpse of Thunder at CAM

I can’t blog enough about Coos Art Museum‘s, Thunder at CAM. For those of you who are new readers, this is a BIG exhibition of motorcycles and motorcycle art in Coos Bay, Oregon. My beaded Buell X-1 Lightning will be shown at this exhibit through July 23, 2011. Here’s a quick pic I pulled off of the museum’s website. Can you find my beaded bike? 😀

beaded motorcycle beadwork bead embroidery coos bay art museum oregon harley davidson

Thunder at CAM. An Exhibition of Motorcycles & Motorcycle art. Coos Art Museum.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend taking a road trip to  check out this exhibition! You can see a short video clip featuring some of the antique bikes at the show HERE. Also, check out the museum’s virtual gallery to view all accepted artworks & award winners!

Other exciting news this week: I’ve decided to move back to Boston in September! It may seem spontaneous, but I’ve actually been putting off moving for over a year now. I need to be back in town since I’ve been spending so much time in Harvard Square lately.. So, I found a bigger space in Brighton where I should be able to do my beadwork more efficiently. So, over the next month, I’ll be busy assembling my beaded Radio City Music Hall, organizing my beads & art supplies, and packing up my belongings. It will be a big change to move back into the city- one that is long overdue! :O

Beaded Thunder at Coos Art Museum

Beaded Buell X-1 Lightning beadwork bead embroidery motorcycle Coos Art Museum

This week, I went to First Class Pack & Ship in Weymouth, MA to send my beaded motorcycle to Oregon! My beaded Buell X-1 Lightning entitled Free Parking Spot was juried into a large exhibition of motorcycles and motorcycle art at Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, OR.

Coos Art Museum Coos Bay Oregon Motorcycle Harley exhibition beaded bike beadwork 2011

This exhibition is  so big that the museum will be closing its doors beginning June 1st until the opening day.  Taken from the museum’s website: “Since their invention, motorcycles have become a focus for popular interest and expression. This exhibition explores the public’s fascination with motorcycles and motorcycle culture. On display will be over 25 classic motorcycles from all eras and 62 examples of motorcycle related art works. Motorcycles on exhibition will include many models with an historical review of Harley-Davidsons from 1911 through 2011. The display will also be accompanied by many motorcycle related artifacts. This dual display will occupy both floors of the Museum and promises to be a major motorcycle and art event.”

You’re invited to attend:

An exhibition of motorcycles and motorcycle art!


Coos Art Museum

235 Anderson Avenue

Coos Bay, OR 97420 

EXHIBITION DATES: June 10, 2011 – July 23, 2011.

RECEPTION: June 10, 2011: 5 -7pm

MUSEUM HOURS:  Tuesday- Friday, 10am- 4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm.       Closed: Sunday & Monday holidays.

ADMISSION: $5 ($2 for Seniors & Students)
Free to Members of Coos Art Museum:)

Coos Bay is located at 235 Anderson Avenue, just 1.5 blocks west of US Hwy 101, in downtown Coos Bay. Coos Bay is located on the southern Oregon Coast, along US Hwy 101. It is a 4-hr. drive south/ southwest of Portland, OR; a 2-hr. drive south/southwest of Eugene, OR; & a 9-hr. drive due north of San Francisco, CA.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast living on the West Coast, you should definitely check out this show. I wish I could attend myself, but it’s just too far away. If you happen to go, please remember to take photos for me! Thanks for your interest in my beadwork! 🙂



I just finished up some of the last details on my beaded motorcycle. I added a sideview mirror and another beaded electrical wire. The mirror is made completely from glass beads and thread. It stands up straight all on its own! Then, I stitched some black felt around the edges of the beadwork…
beading blog beaded Buell X-1 lightning motorcycle pop art beadwork bead embroideryBeaded Buell X1 Lightning motorcycle.
10″wide x 6″. Beadwork in progress. Click to enlarge. 

Next, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to finish this piece. It seems that each piece I create sort of takes its own shape, and I just have to complete it. I guess my motorcycle is no different – it clearly wants to stand up like a real bike!

beading blog beaded Buell fiber motorcycle pop art beadwork bead embroidery
To test this, I propped it up against a piece of hard wire, and it seems to balance fine! It has been standing like this for a couple of hours now, and hasn’t fallen over! So, I think I will go with that plan, and design a ‘kickstand’ for it. I think it will look cool! 😀