Routine Beaded Pomeranian Jewelry

Spring has arrived and yet we are all stuck in the house. However, I feel very lucky as beadwork has been keeping me busy amidst the pandemic. Recently I created new Teacup Pomeranian sterling silver split cuff bracelet

… and matching dog earrings! These earrings hang on sterling silver ear wires which feature a clear crystal bead. Both items are listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

It could be that I am in extreme introvert, but I feel I am doing okay with the Stay-at-Home order. Although it sometimes seems like Groundhog Day. I wake up, do 2 or 3 bounce workouts on my Bellicon, make breakfast, check the Boston Globe, and do a Spanish lesson or read. In the afternoon, I will work on beadwork (or work on writing a beading pattern). Then, after dinner, I will usually do a couple more hours of work until its time to sleep. Of course just like everyone else, sometimes I stay up too late watching Jimmy Fallon, or sometimes I can’t fall asleep, etc.. I am trying to stay as healthy as possible. So, I try to keep a schedule, eat a whole food plant-based diet, take my vitamins, and get exercise and/or go out for a walk every day. What has your routine been like? What challenges are you facing? And how are you staying healthy? I would love to hear from you. That’s the news for now! Stay home and stay safe!!