New Beaded King Charles Spaniel Pin!

Beaded King Charles Spaniel Pin/ Pendant. 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" (4.5cm x 4.5cm).

Long time, no post! After moving to Brighton (Boston) a few weeks ago, I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I haven’t quite set up my beading ‘studio’ yet, but I have unpacked my seed beads and started beading again. Last week, I worked on  a new custom order for my Etsy shop – a beaded King Charles Spaniel pin! This piece was created by layering felt and stitching tiny size 15/o glass seed beads to it. Beaded fringe helps to create realism and movement. Please click the pic to view the Etsy listing for this made-to-order item. How do you think he looks and what kind of dog should I make next? 😀

Packing Up My Beads to Move..

Writing a blog post during a tropical storm seems as good a time as any.. It’s also a great day for packing up all my seed beads! Later this week, I’m moving from Quincy back to the city of Boston.

Packing Moving Beads Relocating Etsy Quincy Boston MA The Lone Beader

For the past 6 years I have been living in a tiny one-room studio apartment. I desperately need a bigger work space to create my beaded paintings, as well as more wall space to hang them! So, I found a new place in Brighton, MA – I’ll be moving there at the end of the week! I have decided to keep my Etsy shop open while moving, but I have temporarily deactivated all made-to-order items until sometime in September when my new beading work space is all set up.. Please check my Facebook page for any news updates during the transition. Thanks for your patience, and I appreciate your interest in my beadwork! 😀

Great Glimpse of Thunder at CAM

I can’t blog enough about Coos Art Museum‘s, Thunder at CAM. For those of you who are new readers, this is a BIG exhibition of motorcycles and motorcycle art in Coos Bay, Oregon. My beaded Buell X-1 Lightning will be shown at this exhibit through July 23, 2011. Here’s a quick pic I pulled off of the museum’s website. Can you find my beaded bike? 😀

beaded motorcycle beadwork bead embroidery coos bay art museum oregon harley davidson

Thunder at CAM. An Exhibition of Motorcycles & Motorcycle art. Coos Art Museum.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend taking a road trip to  check out this exhibition! You can see a short video clip featuring some of the antique bikes at the show HERE. Also, check out the museum’s virtual gallery to view all accepted artworks & award winners!

Other exciting news this week: I’ve decided to move back to Boston in September! It may seem spontaneous, but I’ve actually been putting off moving for over a year now. I need to be back in town since I’ve been spending so much time in Harvard Square lately.. So, I found a bigger space in Brighton where I should be able to do my beadwork more efficiently. So, over the next month, I’ll be busy assembling my beaded Radio City Music Hall, organizing my beads & art supplies, and packing up my belongings. It will be a big change to move back into the city- one that is long overdue! :O