My Bead Embroidery Tutorial, Tried & True!

I am so thrilled – one of my customers in the UK made her own beaded Jack Russell Terrier pin by following my tutorial! Then, she blogged about her experience! I am very impressed with her perseverance in this project – she told me she had only tried bead embroidery once before.. Please click the pic below to take a peek. I think she did a wonderful job! 🙂

beaded Jack Russell pin brooch bead embroidery tutorial for sale on etsy

My Jack Russell bead embroidery tutorial is available for sale at my Etsy shop. I hope you’re inspired to try making your own little beaded Rudy:)

Lazy Stitch Forehead

Lazy Stitch beadwork beaded portrait face seed beads eyeglass lenses pop relief

This week, I’ve been busy beading. I worked on my beaded portrait a little more. Using the lazy-stitch technique, I stitched red, orange, and blue seed beads onto the forehead, nose, and lips. I’m not sure it looks like my original drawing yet, but I do plan to layer more colors over each other as I continue to bead.. How do you think it looks so far?

beaded portrait recycled eyeglass lenses bead embroidery beadwork beading mixed media pop art relief

In addition to beading my portrait, I also made 3 new pairs of beaded ‘Washer Blossom’ earrings which I listed in the Jewelry section of my Etsy shop. I hope you’ll stop by and take a peek! 😀

South Shore Art Center’s 56th Arts Festival!

South Shore Arts Center 56th Arts Festival Cohasset Common South Shore Boston

Mark your calendars! I will be showing one of my largest bead -paintings, Gasoline District (featuring my beaded Boston Trolley), at the South Shore Art Center’s 56th Arts Festival! You are cordially invited to attend! 🙂

Beaded Boston Trolley. South Shore Arts Center. 56th Arts Festival. Cohasset Common Boston MA.

'Gasoline District' by The Lone Beader. Bead embroidery on canvas. 24" x 48".

The event takes place on Cohasset Common in Cohasset, MA from Friday, June 17, 2011 – Sunday, June 19, 2011. The festival features juried art exhibitions, fine art, crafts, music, and food. Hours are listed below. Click HERE to see this location on a map. Also see the official web page for more details. If you will be on Boston’s South Shore during Father’s Day Weekend, I hope you’ll stop by! 🙂  

South Shore Art Center 56th Arts Festival Cohasset Common South Shore Boston MA

>Too Pink or Not Too Pink


bead embroidery portrait Abigail Adams Samuel John Quincy MA historical society beaded art
Semi-beaded Abigail Adams portrait. 12″ x 12″. Beadwork in progress. 

Yesterday I was brave. Even though I’m not quite finished with the bead embroidery portion of this piece, I took out a brand new paintbrush, and a new tube of hot pink acrylic paint. I painted an entire 12″ square canvas pink! One thing I learned while doing this was that painting just one colour is almost as difficult as it is to paint with many colours!

But, why pink? The exhibition I am participating in is called Abigail in Perspective. I didn’t know much about Abigail Adams, so I began to do a little research. For a woman who lived in the late 1700’s, she was very ahead of her time. While she did learn domestic skills such as sewing, fine needlework, and cooking, she also spent much time in her father’s library reading subjects that women weren’t supposed to read (such as philosophy, history, and poetry). She also opposed slavery and she believed in equal education for boys and girls. By practicing these beliefs, it’s no wonder she was both wife and mother of two U.S. Presidents!

Knowing all of these things, I began to envision Abigail Adams in a more contemporary light. I chose this pink because it is bold, moderne, and feminine – all of which describes Abigail perfectly. What do you think about pink? 😀