Red Square -Extreme Bead Embroidery on Canvas- Complete!

I am so excited to announce the completion of my latest beaded painting on canvas entitled ‘Red Square‘.

This piece consists of extreme bead embroidery which was stitched to an acrylic painted gallery wrapped 30″ x 40″ canvas. It was inspired by my travels to Russia, just days after a blanket of smog covered the city of Moscow in August of 2010. On my final day of visiting Red Square, I sat outside of the Kremlin thinking about how much history took place there and how much change had occurred since then, when a young boy ran by flying a kite. A symbol of freedom. Hope that one day we will all be free to fly where the wind may carry us..

This piece has been a true labor of love as it has taken me several years to complete. Materials used in this piece include tiny glass seed beads, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver (for the crosses), silver wire, felt, and acrylic paint.

For those interested in viewing the progress of this piece, please check my Facebook photo album. St. Basil’s Cathedral is very textural as are the trees. In fact, I have sewn armature wire to the back of the trees to help them stand out a bit more.

The dog in the painting was inspired by an actual dog that I photographed while I was visiting the Cathedral. He had a thick leather collar on, but no leash or chain. He was laying down under the tree watching people walk by. Perhaps he lives near there and went there everyday..

When I decided to create this piece, I immediately thought to work in grayscale because I really wanted the boy’s red kite to be the main focus.

What does its symbolism mean to you?

If you would like to view more photos of ‘Red Square’, please visit my Etsy shop! Thank you for your interest in my beadwork! 🙂

>Too Pink or Not Too Pink


bead embroidery portrait Abigail Adams Samuel John Quincy MA historical society beaded art
Semi-beaded Abigail Adams portrait. 12″ x 12″. Beadwork in progress. 

Yesterday I was brave. Even though I’m not quite finished with the bead embroidery portion of this piece, I took out a brand new paintbrush, and a new tube of hot pink acrylic paint. I painted an entire 12″ square canvas pink! One thing I learned while doing this was that painting just one colour is almost as difficult as it is to paint with many colours!

But, why pink? The exhibition I am participating in is called Abigail in Perspective. I didn’t know much about Abigail Adams, so I began to do a little research. For a woman who lived in the late 1700’s, she was very ahead of her time. While she did learn domestic skills such as sewing, fine needlework, and cooking, she also spent much time in her father’s library reading subjects that women weren’t supposed to read (such as philosophy, history, and poetry). She also opposed slavery and she believed in equal education for boys and girls. By practicing these beliefs, it’s no wonder she was both wife and mother of two U.S. Presidents!

Knowing all of these things, I began to envision Abigail Adams in a more contemporary light. I chose this pink because it is bold, moderne, and feminine – all of which describes Abigail perfectly. What do you think about pink? 😀

>Newspaper Clouds


Yesterday, I happened to be at a bookstore where I found a title called 30-minute ART: Acrylics by Soraya French. It was written for aspiring artists, hobbyists, and art lovers. It demonstrates how to create beautiful acrylic paintings in 30-minutes or less. The author’s paintings are vibrant and they demonstrate a wide variety of techniques while maintaining the same style of work. This inspired me to work on my painting a bit more, although I will say I worked on it for more than 30-minutes! 😮


beaded White House green trees Barack Obama pop art relief acrylics painting  blog collage
One thing I am learning about my own painting style is that I enjoy the watercolour technique. I like to mix paint with quite a bit of water and do a series of washes over the canvas in several different colours until I achieve the desired look. Last night, I began with a bright green and painted most of the canvas like this. 

beaded White House green trees Barack Obama pop art relief painting beading blog acrylics painting collage
Also mentioned in Soraya’s book is how to create texture by adding simple collage. I have been incorporating collage in my work for awhile now. For my beaded White House painting, I cut out several newspaper clouds from a Boston Globe and added them to the canvas using an acrylic matte medium. Once the clouds were dry, I painted colour over them. 

beaded White House green trees Barack Obama pop art relief painting beading blog acrylics collage mixed media artist
The newspaper clouds are cut out of several different articles. So far, topics range from the United States’ relations with Cuba to terrorism to the current economic situation. And, to add to the storm, the last cloud on the far right of the canvas mentions that “the prospect of no-newspaper towns is looming“. While Americans look at the White House differently these days, we cannot ignore the issues that seem to have brought on so many months of gray skies. 

beaded White House green trees South Lawn pop art relief painting beading blog bead acrylics collage mixed media artist
Semi-beaded White House relief painting. 24″ x 36″.
Bead embroidery mounted on an oval stretched canvas. Work in progress.

My bead-painting is still a work in progress, but my vision is finally starting to come to life, and when it is complete, it will truly be a mixed media work of art. 😀