Steubenville Ohio Art Commission Beaded House Portrait Bead Embroidery Etsy The Lone Beader

Commissioned House Portrait. 2015. (sold)

Beaded Paintings & Pet Portraits 

Commissions for beaded paintings or pet portraits will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are interested in a custom beaded painting, please contact me for an estimate. Once an agreement has been reached, buyer is required to pay 50% of the estimate. Final payment is due when item is complete. Custom pieces can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks to complete depending on size & intricacy of the beadwork. Each piece is created by stitching tiny seed beads to felt 2 or 3 at time using needle & strong nylon thread, then the beadwork is stitched to a painted canvas. Standalone beadwork (which is not stitched to a canvas) can also be created. The progress of your piece may be documented on my blog or Facebook page. I own all rights to the beaded images, patterns and designs that I create.

Custom Jewelry & Dog Pins

If you are interested in a custom beaded dog brooch, pendant, or earrings, payment for the full amount must be made in advance. Please note that custom beadwork takes time to create, and will usually ship approx. 1-2 weeks from purchase date. Orders for multiple items will take longer. Due to this fine craft, no two pieces of beadwork will be exactly alike. Seed bead colors may vary slightly.

**The Lone Beader owns all rights to the beaded images, patterns, and designs she creates. Artwork copyrights are retained by the artist and The Lone Beader retains the rights to reproduce her designs in either original, derivative, or print form to be made available for sale at any time in the future.**

Care Instructions for Beadwork
Beaded paintings on canvas are ready to hang. There is no need for framing although it is recommended. To preserve your piece, keep away from direct sunlight. To clean your piece, dust with feather-duster, or a very lightly dampened cloth only if necessary. Do not use any household cleaners, as the chemicals will break down the threads that hold the beads in place. With a little bit of care, your piece will last many years to come.. If you have any other questions regarding commissions, please use the contact form above.. Thank you for your interest!

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