Beading a Rainbow Poodle Pin Pendant

Dear friends, I have created a new doggie – a beaded Rainbow Poodle pin pendant! Here is a peek at how it was created:

Beaded White rainbow Poodle pin pendant bead embroidery etsy artist LGBTQ jewelry

I have layered several felt shapes and stitched them together. Then, I stitched on a tiny glass nose. For the dog’s hair, I beaded short 2-bead stacks on its head and tail.

Bead embroidery white rainbow poodle gay pride LGBTQ community jewelry etsy beadwork Amazon Handmade dogs

The dog’s body is made up of short 3-bead lazy-stitches which are very close together. This gives the piece the desired texture. I had wanted to make a rainbow poodle for awhile. I hope it makes you smile:) Please click the pic to view this item on Etsy..

Beaded Rainbow Poodle pin pendant necklace bead embroidery beadwork dogs gay pride LGBTQ jewelry etsy Amazon Handmade

If you are interested in a custom beaded rainbow poodle of a different color, I would be happy to make it for you. Don’t forget, I am offering a 10%-off coupon code in my Etsy shop. Enter SAVE2016 at checkout now through October 31. Thanks for your interest in my beadwork!

New Purple Beaded Dalmatian Pin!

Just a quick post today to announce a new item in my Etsy shop – a purple beaded Dalmatian pin!

bead embroidery beadwork pooch dog jewelry for humans etsy custom brooch pendant akc

This piece was created by stitching tiny glass seed beads to felt (2-3 beads at a time) using a strong nylon thread. Beads are layered to make her legs & face look dimensional, and her ear actually moves! Several different shades of purple & white seed beads were used, as well as a tiny glass eye for her nose. It measures 2.25″ wide x 1.5″ tall (5.5cm x 3.5cm). This pin can also be created in black & white or brown & white. Please click the pic for more details. What kind of dog should I bead next? 🙂

Fluffy Beaded Dog Pin

Today, I’d like to show you a quick pic of my latest custom order, a little beaded dog pin named Fluffy:)

Fluffy dog half poodle beaded pet pin pendant Etsy custom bead embroidery art beadwork

A friend of mine sent me a few pics of Fluffy. Not knowing the breed, I worked from photos only. I came up with a sketch, cut out some felt and started beading. I used several different white, cream, and brown size 15 glass seed beads. The first layer of beadwork (above) is rather sparse, but the second layer more than makes up for it (below). I also added some beaded loops and fringe on the dog’s ears to add dimension. Complete, this piece measures approx. 3cm x 4.5cm.

beaded Fluffy dog pin pendant custom bead embroidery pin pendant beadwork etsy

How do you think Fluffy looks, and more importantly, what kind of dog do you think she is? 😀

>New Beaded Scottie Dog Pin!


beaded scottish terrier pin pendant etsy bead embroidery
Here is the latest item listed in my Etsy shop – a new beaded Scottish Terrier pin! I created this one first by stitching matte black round & cube seed beads to felt. Then, I layered beaded fringe over top using Japanese 15/o seed beads. Then, I stitched on a fancy sterling silver ball chain collar! This piece is a pin which can also be worn as a pendant. All pin/pendants listed in my shop will now include a fancy hand-dyed rayon cord with clasp! Please click the photo below to view the listing: 

beaded scottish terrier pin pendant etsy bead embroidery

Also some exciting news. Yesterday I did a telephone interview which was recorded for future podcast on ! When the podcast is finally posted, you will have a chance to win a free copy of my Intro to Extreme Bead Embroidery tutorial! Please stay tuned! 😀

>Jake the Beaded Jack Russell Terrier


Last weekend, I received another custom order through my Etsy shop! I was asked if I could create one of my beaded Jack Russell Terrier pin/pendants with different colouring. This pin was to look like Jake (in the photo below) and it would be a gift for someone special! 🙂

custom beaded Jack Russell Terrier pin pendant beadwork bead embroidery artist etsy the lone beader commission pet portrait

I posted a photo of this piece in progress on my Facebook page, but here is how my finished pin turned out. I used only size 15 Japanese glass seed beads for the entire piece. Beads are layered to make the ears and tail stand out just a bit. Given the small scale, I think it’s pretty close to the real dog… What do you think

custom beaded Jack Russell Terrier pin pendant beadwork bead embroidery artist etsy the lone beader commission pet portrait

Beaded Jack Russell Terrier pin/ pendant. 
2- 1/8″ wide x 1″ tall (5.5 cm x 3cm).

I sent a photo of the finished pin to my customer before I shipped it out, and she can’t wait to get it! I hope the recipient likes it, too! If you are interested in a custom pet pin or pendant, please visit The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop on Etsy for more details. I think I will list this piece as an example of my work! 🙂

>How to Make a Beaded Bracelet.. in Russian!


Greenbird Moscow Russia Russian bead shop thelonebeader bead embroidery featured American pop artist Boston

Today, my friend Tanya informed me that she posted my instructions for how to make a Tiny Beaded Flowerbed Bracelet in Russian! This can be seen on – just click the screen shot above. I am honoured! I used Google Translate to read the page in English, and I think it is a great feature! I hope that I will inspire others to make their own beaded bracelets! If you are interested in seeing more photos of this bracelet, please visit my Etsy shop. Also, don’t forget to check out my new Featured blog page to see other websites that have mentioned my beadwork. Thanks for your interest! Happy beading! 🙂

>Finished Beaded Scottie Dog Pin

>Tiny Beaded Scottie dog Scottish Terrier bead embroidery beadwork etsy pin brooch wearable art puppy akc cute

Today, just a quick pic to show you my finished beaded Scottish Terrier pin. I actually did a lot more beadwork to it. I added long beaded fringe using bugle beads. This fringe really moves when you touch it. The collar is also made from 13/o Charlottes in gold and silver. This pin seriously sparkles! I have listed this in The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop (click the pic to view listing). So far, there are only a couple of photos. I will try to add more detail shots later. I think this will be a nice companion to the tiny beaded Scottie Dog earrings I made over the weekend! What kind of beaded dog should I make next?