Queen Corgi Beaded Pin

My latest beaded dog pin was inspired by Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. Of course, I chose to make a Corgi! The Queen loves Welsh Corgis and keeps several of them, from what I understand. I wonder if she would like to have a beaded Corgi brooch? 😀

bead embroidery queen elizabeths diamond jubilee etsy beadwork custom welsh corgi dog jewelry

My beaded Corgi was created by stitching tiny size 15/o  glass seed beads to felt. I used several different shades of brown and cream. I also stitched on a tiny crown made of Bali Silver spacer beads. The pin measures approx. 1-3/4″ x 1-3/4″w (4.5 cm x 4.5cm). How does she look?

If Her Royal Highness would like me to make her a Queen Corgi pin, she will have to place an order through my Etsy shop. The pin in the above picture sold so quickly, I had to relist the item as made-to-order! What kind of dog should I make next? 😀

>Contemporary Beadwork Exhibit & Magazine Mention!


Today, I would just like to remind those who are in Texas that I will be showing 3 of my largest bead paintings at 18 Hands Gallery in Houston. Opening reception for Contemporary Beadwork II is this Saturday, July 10 from 6-9pm. Stop by to view/ purchase original beaded jewelry & artwork. Exhibit runs through July 31st. Please click the image below for more information, a list of participating bead artists, as well as directions to the gallery! 🙂


Also, I just received an email from Jo at Beads Unlimited UK. She sent me a scan of her interview in the recent issue of Make Jewellery Magazine. She was kind enough to mention me as one of her inspirations! I am honoured! *blush* 😀

Which reminds me, if you missed my interview on Beads Unlimited’s Bead Barmy blog, be sure to check my ‘Featured’ page for the link. That’s the news for now. Back to beading!

>Big in Brighton


If you have been following my blog for the past couple of years, you remember that I have visited/written about England a few times. On my last visit to London, my friend and I drove to Brighton for a day. Being that it was my first time in a car in England, I will never forget it. My friend did the driving, but left me with the map to navigate! Once we arrived, we met up with 2 other friends and strolled about the town stopping at several pubs and shops as well as Brighton Pier. One of the shops we visited was the Brighton Bead Shop (aka. Beads Unlimited). This is a colourful shop which sells a variety of beads and jewelry-making supplies. If it weren’t for the fact that I had just spent all my bead-shopping money in the Czech Republic, I could have done some serious shopping there!

Brighton Bead Shop

Coincidentally, not long after I returned to the States, I received a message from Jo at beadsunlimited.co.uk. She had discovered my beadwork online and wanted to feature it on the shop’s myspace page! Since then, Jo and I have stayed in touch and when she asked to interview me for Beads Unlimited‘s new Bead Barmy blog, I was thrilled! Click the pic below to read the full interview: 
beaded beadwork Beads Unlimited UK Brighton England bead shop The Lone Beader interview featured etsy zazzle facebook
I am honoured to be featured on this blog!I hope to visit Brighton and Beads Unlimited again sometime soon! 🙂

>Bullet the Blue Sky


Today, I spent all day finishing my beaded painting. First, I added a little more to the collaged words. Some of the words are written in Bengali; you can take a closer look at them HERE. You’ll also see a sign which points in the direction of the London Underground. It directs viewers to the nearest air raid shelter because there are fighter planes overhead. These collaged planes are paper shapes which I glued to the stretched canvas and painted over with clear acrylic gloss. I also painted the cloud of smoke which pours out of a burning building. After the canvas dried, I then stitched each piece of beadwork in place. You can see my stitches HERE.

For those of you who are just passing by, this piece was inspired by the Banksy pink car I saw near Brick Lane in London, England. This piece is my interpretation of East London’s past, present, and future. It is also a direct reference to terrorism, genocide, war, and fear. Sadly, history continues to repeat itself…You can learn more about this car HERE. Or, take a long hard look at my beaded replica and remember…
Outside it’s America…

Banglatown. WWIII. 9/11 terrorist attacks. Banksy. Brick Lane, London. mixed media bead embroidery. The Lone Beader.

(click images to enlarge)

glass seed beads, mixed media
24 x 30″

History Repeated. WWIII. 9/11 terrorist attacks. Banksy. Brick Lane, London. mixed media bead embroidery
History Repeated. WWIII. 9/11 terrorist attacks. Banksy. Brick Lane, London. mixed media bead embroidery

>Letting Go

Yes, today is my birthday, but I don’t really want to talk about that. Some years, you’re just not in the mood, ya know? However, I am in the mood to continue working on my piece. Below, you’ll see that I’ve begun to create the felt foundation for my bead-embroidered brick building. The building is the background for my beaded Banksy pink car. So far, it is five felt layers thick.

Banksy birthday balloon girl. Brick Lane, London. Graffiti wall. Pink Car. Triumph GT6.

Also, see the little stenciled Banksy girl in the photo? How do you interpret her image? To some, it appears that she has accidentally let go of her heart-shaped balloon, and is hoping that it will come back to her. Or, she has simply gotten tired of holding it. The twine started to cut into her hand and was hurting her. So, she let go, full well knowing that the next time she sees it, it will be all tangled in the power lines hanging lifeless. Either way, it will never return…