Happy Beaded Valentine’s Day!

I finally finished working on my little beaded heart-shaped purse just in time for Valentine’s Day! 😀

beaded heart-shaped purse bead embroidery etsy custom order cat Scottie Dog

This purse was a custom order through my Etsy shop. It’s the first purse I have ever made! 😀

beaded heart-shaped purse bead embroidery etsy custom order white cat Scottie Dog

The design was inspired by a vintage Valentine & features a beaded white cat & Scottie dog. They were created using Japanese size 15 seed beads, size 13 charlottes & micro-bugle beads. The dog’s collar features Preciosa’s genuine Czech crystal rosemontees.

beaded bead embroidery handbag custom etsy order white cat Valentine Scottie Dog

The front panel of the purse is completely beaded & the back panel is personalized:)

beaded heart-shaped purse bead embroidery etsy custom order Valentine's Day

The purse is completed with a glass beaded chain and an Ultrasuede lining.

beaded heart-shaped purse etsy custom order ultrasuede Valentine's  Day Scottie Dog

This one-of-a-kind purse measures 14cm x 14cm & took nearly 40 hours to create from start to finish. Soon it will be making the flight to London, England – a city I absolutely love! Wish I could go too! 😀

Beading a Heart; Healing a Heart

Last week, I beaded the entire front panel of my heart-shaped purse -ironically while suffering from my own broken heart:( It is so difficult to do beadwork when all you can see are tears 😥

beaded heart shaped purse bead embroidery etsy Valentine's Day scottie dog cat Valentine

First, I stitched my beaded cat & Scottie dog to the Ultrasuede. Then, I stitched on a few different shades of 11/0 Czech glass seed beads slowly working my way around the heart. To add even more depth to the piece, I then stitched on red Japanese Delicas (with aurora borealis finish) over top of the Czech seed beads.

bead embroidery heart shaped purse beaded valentine etsy scottie dog cat

 This took quite a bit of time to bead, but I love the results. My heart, however, will require quite a bit more time.. 😦

Beaded Valentine Scottie Dog Finished!

beaded heart shaped purse scottie dog crystal collar etsy seed beads

Finally I finished working on my bead-embroidered Scottie dog. He is very small, measuring just 3.5cm x 4cm. First, I used 13/0 charlottes, then I layered 1x4mm micro bugle beads over top. Then, I stitched on some Genuine Czech Crystal – Preciosa Viva Rosemontees for the dogs collar. This little dog really sparkles now! Next, I will begin beading the front panel of my custom heart-shaped purse. How does it look so far? 😀

beaded cat scottie dog heart shaped purse bead embroidery etsy custom order

Semi-beaded 5.5" heart-shaped purse. Work in progress..

Please check my Facebook page for more updates. Thanks for your interest in my beadwork! 😀

Valentine Cat for Future Beaded Purse

This week, I began working on a new custom order for my Etsy shop – my first bead embroidered purse! This will be a Victorian-style heart-shaped purse featuring a beaded cat & Scottie dog inspired by a vintage Valentine. ♥

beaded cat scottie dog Valentine bead embroidery heart shaped purse handbag etsy

After working on the purse design, I cut out many layers of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff and stitched them altogether. Using 1mm & 2mm glass eyes, I stitched on their noses and eyes. For those who are wondering, I get these at GlassEyesOnline.com. I use the ones which are attached to a long wire. The wire must be cut & poked through the felt then stitched to the back.

beaded heart shaped purse valentine cat kitty etsy custom order handbag

Next, I used Japanese size 15/0 seed beads for the heart and the cat. Its not easy to stitch through all the layers of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, but after I completed the cat’s head, it got easier. Once I completed the entire body, I then lazy stitched some tiny crystal 13/0 charlottes over top of the other seed beads to add a little sparkle. This cat is very small – only 3cm x 3cm. The dog is only slightly larger.. I will be beading him next! :O

>Celebrate with Sequins


Wow, I can’t believe it’s the last day of the year already. Where does the time go? I really wanted to finish my beaded military tank by now, but the truth is, the past month has been busy for me. I have been busy meeting with friends and just having fun!
beaded handbag Club Monaco sequins Made in India sequined bead embroidery New Year's Eve
Yesterday, I spent the afternoon shopping in downtown Boston with a friend, Jessica, who is visiting from Italy, and everywhere we went, there were sequins! I love sequins – they are so festive, especially for this time of year – but I don’t love everything that is sequined… It has to be done tastefully. We walked into Club Monaco where we both noticed the sequins above. The design uses 3 colours of sequins – black, slate-blue, and silver- in various sizes. These sequins were sewn to a beautiful little fold-over clutch handbag with 2 zipper pockets. The tag on the inside says ‘Made in India’. The little bag was 50%-off, so I just had to have it! 

beaded handbag Club Monaco sequins Made in India sequined bead embroidery New Year's Eve
Yes, another handbag has been added to my collection, but more importantly, I think this will remind me of spending an afternoon with a friend. Every year that goes by, I come to value the meaning of friendship more and more. Whether they are new friends, old friends, or blog friends who I have not yet met, I truly appreciate them and all that they have done for me. So, this New Year’s Eve, I plan to celebrate friendship. Every New Year, we get another chance to strengthen old friendships as well as begin new ones. We also get another chance to celebrate with sequins! So, wear something sparkly tonight, and have a happy 2010!! 🙂

>Treasured Beaded Snowflake Bag


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I must have been good because I got everything I wanted this year! Here’s one gift from my sister that I’d like to share with you – a vintage beaded handbag to add to my collection! The beaded snowflake pattern on this bag is coming apart from the metal frame a bit, but almost all beads are intact! It’s difficult for me to tell the age of this bag, but the tag inside says it was made in Hong Kong. I don’t think it’s very old, but it is very pretty! Perfect for the holiday season! What did you get for Christmas?? 🙂
beaded vintage handbag Hong Kong antique bead embroidery snowflake beads collection beadwork
Just a couple other news tidbits. First, I have selected a winner for my final Lark Books giveaway. Michelle Mach will receive a brand new copy of Marcia Decoster’s ‘Beaded Opulence’! (yay!!) Michelle is an accomplished freelance writer and jewelry designer. She helped launch the Beading Daily newsletter (published by Interweave) in 2007! Please stop by Michelle’s website to learn more about her and for links to some of her free beading projects! 🙂
beaded owl bird paintings etsy treasury thelonebeader featured artist beadwork bead embroidery
Also today, Talisman Studios selected my beaded owl painting, The Messenger, to be in an Etsy Treasury! It’s entitled Owl Be There’! I am so thrilled because I love owls! I think this is my favourite Treasury, yet! Please stop by to check it out, then let me know.. which owl is your favourite, and what kind of beaded bird painting should I make next?? 😀

>Antique Tuesday


Thanks for your comments on my last post! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I had a wonderful time visiting my family in Pennsylvania. I also had a good time shopping! Most people probably went shopping for holiday gifts on Black Friday, or even on Cyber Monday, but not me! I went thrift store shopping! 😀

There is a little known secret about Erie, PA, that I haven’t mentioned yet – Marian’s Next to New. Marian’s is a second hand shop with very quick turn-over of merchandise. Marian’s offers gently worn/used items at great prices! There is pretty much everything you can think of – jewelry, clothes, shoes, housewares, childrens’ items, vintage electronics, and books. There is something for everyone, and for me there is usually a beaded handbag or two! Here are the bags I’ve found there so far.

The first one is actually a bag I found at Marian’s last year. This handbag was made in Japan. It is rather modern, but I loved it’s bead-embroidered design. It is also in very good shape! 😀

antique beaded handbag bead embroidery Czech glass seed beads Japanese Japan Czechoslovakia

I found the second two bags while shopping on Black Friday of this year. The first one does not have a tag inside, so I am not exactly sure where it was made. I think it was made in either the Czech Republic or Japan. It was made on a loom, and it closes with a zipper. I am not exactly sure of it’s age, but I’m guessing it was made around the middle of last century. It will need a bit of cleaning, but otherwise it is in very good condition, with almost all of the beads intact. You can see the designs on the front and back below:
antique beaded handbag bead embroidery Czech glass seed beads Japanese Japan Czechoslovakia
antique beaded handbag bead embroidery Czech glass seed beads Japanese Japan Czechoslovakia

The third bag is my favourite! It is just a small bead-embroidered coin purse, but it has a very modern artistic design! It has a tag inside which says ‘Made in Czechoslovakia‘ so I am guessing it was made in the 1920’s or 30’s… It is very beautiful, and it is almost like new! No beads are missing! 😀
antique beaded handbag bead embroidery Czech glass seed beads Japanese Japan Czechoslovakia
antique beaded handbag bead embroidery Czech glass seed beads Japanese Japan Czechoslovakia
It looks like I’m slowly building up a small collection of these antique beaded handbags! How old do you think they are? What do you think is the best method to safely clean them without damaging the threads? And, what did you buy over the weekend? Hope you found something as fabulous as I did! 😀