Hot Wheels Bead Art Car

Last week, I worked on a new project – one that I’ve been meaning to try for awhile. I decided to cover an old beat-up Hot Wheels car using tiny Japanese glass seed beads! This one happens to be a blue Nissan Silvia. Check it out:

hot wheels matchbox recycled art car seed beads peyote stitch ebay etsy

First, I glued a thin piece of Ultrasuede to the underside of the car. Then, I peyote-stitched size 15 seed beads around the car, stitching the edges to the Ultrasuede beneath.

peyote stitch beaded hot wheels matchbox car art toy beadwork ebay etsy ooak

Considering it is my first time beading a 1/64 scale Hot Wheels car, I think it turned out looking pretty cool! Its also a fun way to recycle an old toy that was otherwise headed for the landfill. The best part is, even though it is now a work of art, it can still be used as the toy it was meant to be:) I am currently running this item on Ebay for a limited time, afterwards, it will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop. What should I bead next? 😀