Please Don’t Buy Plastic Beads!

Please don't buy plastic beads zero waste plastic free beads

Earlier this year, I watched the film A Plastic Ocean and immediately became sick to my stomach. I couldn’t bear to watch the birds and fish eat so much plastic and ultimately dying as a result. These images are disturbing reminders of the damage that humans do the environment every single day.

So, all year, I have been trying to change the types of products I purchase. I no longer buy plastic water bottles if I can avoid them. I try to buy things like sunscreen, toothpaste, dental floss, and vitamins in a glass jar. I buy shampoo bars instead of plastic bottles. I also got a stainless steel drinking straw to use when I’m out and about. And, of course I carry a reusable shopping bag with me at all times. Overall, I have been trying to consume less plastic whenever possible.

However, it is not easy and I am not perfect. I do bring reusable cotton produce bags to the veggie market, but occasionally I find myself using a plastic produce bag or two. And, of course almost every type of food and beverage is packaged in plastic. I do reuse a lot of the plastic bags and containers and I do compost and recycle, but I feel it’s not enough.

All this got me thinking about the different types of industries that could and should use more sustainable products. The beading industry is definitely one of them. How many plastic ziploc bags do bead retailers and beadwork artists use? And how many plastic tube containers are filled with beads each day all around the world? What happens when we are finished with these containers? Bags end up in the trash, and the small tube containers most likely end up in the ocean, just like straws. So, what can business owners and consumers do? Personally, I have been searching for a bio-plastic manufacturer who would be interested in creating clear bio-plastic tubes which will eventually biodegrade in the landfill, but I haven’t found one yet. In the meantime, we must vote with our dollars. I will order biodegradable plastic baggies the next time I need them. I will purchase compostable shipping supplies whenever possible. I will boycott plastic beads and any products that contain them. I will ask my favorite bead shops and retailers to use more eco-friendly packaging supplies as well as implement better recycling programs & incentives. And, I will support businesses who make environmental sustainability a priority.

If you have any ideas on how to use less plastic, you may leave a comment below or use the Contact Form.

Please be kind to the planet – we are all in this together! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Buy Plastic Beads!

  1. Hi Diana – I’ve switched to glassine bags for my kits, and post out in cardboard posting boxes. Glassine is effectively polished paper, often used by stamp collectors! It is translucent so you get an idea of what is in each bag, can be written on and it takes a sharp fold to seal with no plastic involved. And the posting boxes can be reused repeatedly until they loose their strength, at which point they are fully recyclable, unlike padded envelopes (although jiffy do now also make plastic free posting bags). It’s all more expensive for me but I’ve had a good response from my customers.

      • Me too, so I don’t think it will work for most shops either. I do also reuse glass jars and bottles from food/ drink for storage but they tend to be weighty and lots of different sizes! But they are good for those big wholesale bags that split as soon as you open them, saves breaking out another ziplock. I’m afraid I just looked at what I was sending out one day and said ‘enough’- no more tiny baggies…..

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