New Black Beaded Pomeranian Pendant on Etsy

Dear friends, it has been a busy month! Here is the latest custom beadwork I have created – a black beaded Pomeranian dog pin pendant. This piece is now available as made-to-order on Etsy. Click the image blow to view the listing:

Black Beaded Pomeranian pin pendant keepsake dog jewelry etsy bead embroidery artist beadwork


My beaded dog pins can also be worn as pendants. Each order includes a soft leather cord with sterling silver clasp. Matching earrings can also be made upon request! 🙂

Black Beaded Pomeranian Dog pin pendant earrings Etsy bead embroidery jewelry artist beads beadwork

Also, some exciting news. I will be starting a very special commissioned bead-painting very soon! Please check my Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates. Thank you for your interest in my bead embroidery! 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Black Beaded Pomeranian Pendant on Etsy

  1. You know I’m a big fan of your artwork, but this time (and I think it may just be the only time…) a suggestion.
    Our retired preacher dumped her daughter’s pomeranian on us because she had had a heart attack (the ex preacher, not the dog) but every since its arrival, we have been cleaning up after it…and, I know it may sound petty because it’s usually just a few tablespoons of liquid (and the occasional “log”) but dang! Dozens of times every day!

    So, the suggestion? If someone buys a pendant, offer them a box of tissues for free.
    (They have to buy any subsequent boxes themselves)

    Other than that…I hope it doesn’t drop the occasional “bead” sometimes…
    (too far?)

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