Custom Beaded Rooster Jewelry

Check out my latest custom order – a beaded rooster brooch! 🙂

Kauai Hawaii Moa Beaded Rooster Pin Pendant Bird Jewelry beadwork bead embroidery

This one is called a Moa (Hawaiian for chicken) and he lives on the island of Kauai. I created him by stitching tiny Japanese seize 15 seed beads to a felt foundation. I used more than 10 different colors, including blue 1 x 4mm micro bugle beads. I also layered beaded fringe for his feathers to create realism. This piece is a pin which can also be worn as a pendant.

Beaded rooster chicken Kauai Hawaii state bird beadwork bead embroidery jewelry

6.5cm x 5cm

Something tells me this won’t be the last beaded chicken pin I create..

What do you think? 😀

3 thoughts on “Custom Beaded Rooster Jewelry

  1. This is so cute! I just got back from Hawaii recently and it was pretty cool to see chickens running wild all over. Love the pin! A question, do you use different colored thread for your work or just white?

    • Hi Dawn! Thanks for the comment! I do use white thread often, but I also use different color nymo threads when need be.. It just depends on the piece & what I’m trying to do.. I used a few different color threads for this rooster. Thanks for asking! 😀

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