Book Feature: Mastering the Art of Embroidery

A new book arrived from the UK today!

Mastering the Art of Embroidery

by Sophie Long.

mastering the art of embroidery sophie long uk contemporary beadwork beading the lone beader

This is a gorgeous 288-page hardcover book outlining ‘traditional techniques and contemporary applications for hand and machine embroidery’. There are 8 chapters which cover Surface Embroidery, Counted Surface Embroidery, Embellishment, Stumpwork, Whitework, Three-dimensional Embroidery, Free-Motion Embroidery, and Digital Embroidery.

beadwork primer mastering the art of embroidery sophie long beading uk

Each chapter covers a number of embroidery techniques including a brief history as well as vibrant photos, illustrations, patterns, and tutorials. I was pleased to see a number of pages about bead embroidery in the Embellishment chapter. I also enjoyed the sections about Canvas Work, Blackwork, and Figures.. I had no idea there were so many stitches to learn!

book feature mastering the art of embroidery beadwork bead sophie long uk

Each chapter also features a number of inspiring artist profiles which explain their tips and techniques – mine is on page 134! I am honoured that my beadwork is featured in such a beautiful and extensive book about the fine art of embroidery:)

mastering the art of embroidery book sophie long scottie dog brooch beadwork bead

If you are looking for a modern book which covers all aspects of hand and machine embroidery, this is definitely the one to get! You can order a signed hardcover copy directly from Sophie’s website. You will also find a softcover version at here in the USA. Enjoy!

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