New Bead Embroidery Pattern for Sale on Etsy!

I am proud to announce that I have finally finished writing a new bead embroidery pattern which is now available for sale on Etsy!

bead embroidery pattern for sale on etsy beaded westie terrier dog pin pendant

Learn how to make a beaded West Highland White Terrier pin for yourself or for a friend. This is a photographic tutorial which explains the process I use to create my little beaded Westie pins. It is a PDF file which contains 21 pages, 54 color photos, and step-by-step instructions. Recommended for advanced beaders. For personal use only. Please click the pic for more details:)

If you are new to beading and would like to learn basic bead embroidery techniques before purchasing this tutorial, please check out my Intro to Extreme Bead Embroidery tutorial. PDF files are emailed within 24 hours of purchase. If you have any questions about the files, please feel free to ask! Thank you for your interest in my beadwork:)

2 thoughts on “New Bead Embroidery Pattern for Sale on Etsy!

  1. This would also be a great pattern for a yorkie! They look so much alike except for color. Use gold beads for the head and silver grey for the body with a short tail and voila! This is according to Jackson, the yorkie that rules this house!

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