Fluffy Beaded Dog Pin

Today, I’d like to show you a quick pic of my latest custom order, a little beaded dog pin named Fluffy:)

Fluffy dog half poodle beaded pet pin pendant Etsy custom bead embroidery art beadwork

A friend of mine sent me a few pics of Fluffy. Not knowing the breed, I worked from photos only. I came up with a sketch, cut out some felt and started beading. I used several different white, cream, and brown size 15 glass seed beads. The first layer of beadwork (above) is rather sparse, but the second layer more than makes up for it (below). I also added some beaded loops and fringe on the dog’s ears to add dimension. Complete, this piece measures approx. 3cm x 4.5cm.

beaded Fluffy dog pin pendant custom bead embroidery pin pendant beadwork etsy

How do you think Fluffy looks, and more importantly, what kind of dog do you think she is? 😀

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