New Custom Beaded Papillon Pin

My Etsy shop has been busy these days! Most recently, I have made a new beaded Papillon pin. Since these dogs are small, they often stand on their hind legs to get closer to their human friends or just to see what’s going on.

Standing Happy Papillon dog bead embroidery custom beaded pet pin etsy

For this pin, I first created a sketch based on a photo sent by my customer. My drawing served as template which I used to cut out the felt foundation seen in the photo above. I beaded the entire piece using Japanese size 15 seed beads, 13/o charlottes, and a tiny glass eye for a nose. After the first layer of bead embroidery was complete, I layered beaded fringe on the dog’s ears, tail, and stomach. Finished, this piece is a pin which can also be worn as a pendant. My customer was quite happy with how it turned out. How do you think it looks?

Happy Papillon dog bead embroidery custom beaded pin etsy black white

Time to start beading my next order! :O