More Beaded Poodles & Pugs!

Last week, I finished beading another corded poodle. This one is pink! These micro-beaded poodles will eventually be part of a larger wearable collar necklace. At least, that’s my plan! What color poodle should I make next? 😀

Micro maco beads beaded pink gray corded poodles dog collar bead embroidery

I also finished a new custom order for my Etsy shop! Two beaded Pug pins with little floppy ears that really move! I really like how these turned out, so I listed this item in my shop as made-to-order. Click the pic for more details:

beaded pug bead embroidery pin pendant etsy custom order beadwork jewelry

Back to beading & enjoying this beautiful day! 😀

3 thoughts on “More Beaded Poodles & Pugs!

  1. Wow, wow. As I saw these I had immediately to show them to my wife who is beader. She loves them as I do also. Thank You for these lovely beaded doggies!

    Happy beading!

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