Oodles of Felt Poodles

This week, I began working on something that has been sitting on my worktable for quite awhile – more felt poodles!  😀

felt poodle bead embroidery dog collar beadwork beading etsy jewelry work in progress

 At some point, I realized that beaded poodle possibilities are endless. My plan for this project is to create a ‘dog collar’ (so to speak) featuring 7 beaded poodles.

felt poodle beadwork in progress dog collar etsy jewelry custom wearable art

I started working on the first one, which measures 6cm x 6cm. So far, I have used 4 different shades of gray seed beads in size 11 and 15.

felt poodle bead embroidery seed beads beadwork dog collar etsy jewelry work in progress

Next I will add some beaded fringe.. Just wait ’til you see! 😀

7 thoughts on “Oodles of Felt Poodles

  1. I think this will be so cute, what a good idea. (have you seen the beaded VW in the news? Google beaded VW and it should come up, AMAZING, Huichol Indians in Mexico did it.)

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