Krazy Beaded Keeshond Pins!

Crazy dog etsy bead embroidery beadwork seed beads brooch akc spitz puppy

I am proud to say that I am currently finished with all my custom orders. Here’s my latest- three bead- embroidered Keeshond pins! This was my most challenging dog yet. It measures approx. 4cm x 4.5cm. I used at least 10 different colors of size 15 seed beads and 13/0 charlottes. I also stitched tiny wire spectacles and a glass eye for the nose. Quite a bit of beaded fringe is required for this dog. Creating this dog 3 times was quite a challenge, too. I found that its not very easy to duplicate my own beadwork. I think the dog’s faces all look a little different, but I suppose they would in real life.. How do you think they look? I have listed this pet pin as made-to-order in my Etsy shop for anyone who may be interested… Wait til you see what kind of dog I make next! 😀

3 thoughts on “Krazy Beaded Keeshond Pins!

  1. I love that they are all just a bit different. At the same time they are all perfect! Who ever is buying them will love all three!

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