Bead-embroidered Keeshond Pin

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post. I do feel my heart is on the mend. Keeping busy definitely helps! While I was working on finishing my heart-shaped purse, I received an Etsy order for 3 beaded Keeshond pins! :O

beaded keeshond bead embroidery beadwork etsy custom order seed bead fringe

I will say this is probably the most challenging beaded dog I have created so far. I used 10 different colors of size 15 seed beads, as well as a few 13/0 charlottes. I also used tiny bits of thin wire to create ‘spectacles’ – the key marking on this breed (although I’m not sure you can really see them). After completing the first layer of bead embroidery, I began on the 2nd layer by creating more dimensional ears. Then I added quite a bit of long beaded fringe!

beaded keeshond dog bead embroidery pin pendant custom etsy order beadwork seed beads

Beaded Keeshond pin. Bead embroidery on felt. 4cm x 4.5cm.

How do you think it looks? Hope I’ll be able to recreate it 2 more times!

5 thoughts on “Bead-embroidered Keeshond Pin

  1. Wow, what a great job you did. So funny, at the dog park I go to with my dog there is a lady with 3 keeshonds. They are beautiful dogs.

  2. That is fabulous bead work. I love that little dog!
    After looking at your shop, I think your Old English Sheep Dog has my heart. So glad I dropped by from the Etsy Blog Team.

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