Sophie the Beaded Lhasa Apso

Soon after I sold my first beaded Lhasa Apso pin, I received a custom order request for another one! I was asked to create a bead-embroidered likeness of an adorable little dog named Sophie.

Sophie beaded Lhasa Apso akc dog pin custom jewelry etsy

My customer sent me quite a few photos of Sophie so that I could see her beautiful coat from all angles, but I really only worked from two – a profile photo & a close-up of her face. (What a cute face she has:)

Sophie beaded Lhasa Apso pin pendant bead embroidery jewelry etsy

Next, I dug through my bead stash and picked out 10 different colors of mainly  Japanese size 15/o seed beads. The main color which I felt represents Sophie best is a matte silvery-gold – a rather difficult color to find. You can see them in the pic above the pink seed beads. These are actually Czech 13/0 charlottes, which means there is one facet on each bead. The transparent gray beads I used on her body are also charlottes. They really sparkle in the light!

Sophie custom beaded Lhasa Apso pin pendant bead embroidery jewelry etsy

Above, you can see the first layer of bead embroidery I did. I used a combination of Lacy’s Stiff Stuff & felt to create the foundation. Then, I stitched on a glass eye for the nose, seed beads for eyes, and a little pink tongue. Working from the pics, I slowly beaded the rest of the dog’s face and body. When this layer was complete, I stitched a 2nd layer of beaded fringe onto her face and tail. And here is the finished piece. How do you think she looks? 😀

custom beaded Lhasa Apso dog pin pendant bead embroidery jewelry etsy

Sophie. Custom beaded Lhasa Apso pin/ pendant. (3.5cm x 4cm)

If you are interested in a custom beaded pet pin, please contact me for more details. Also, check out the new CLEARANCE section in my Etsy shop for beaded items now available at 50% off original price. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Thanks for looking! 😀

4 thoughts on “Sophie the Beaded Lhasa Apso

  1. Well, as the customer… I am just THRILLED with Diana’s talent and the outstanding job she did capturing Sophie’s many different colors and markings. This beaded pin of Sophie definitely catches her spirit and “Lhasatude!” And maybe you can tell that Sophie really does think that she is “all that.” And she is! I shall wear this pin proudly. Thank you, Diana, for the fabulous Sophie likeness, and especially your fast work. You are truly an amazing and gifted artist and beader.

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