New Beaded Rough Collie Pin on Etsy!

beaded collie pin brooch bead embroidery dog art jewelry

Last week was a rough week for me. Lost a friend to skin cancer. It’s hard to bead when your heart is heavy and all you can see are tears, but somehow I managed to finish beading a new pin for my Etsy shop. Above is my first bead-embroidered Rough Collie pin. I used 9 different shades of Japanese size 15/o seed beads for this piece. You can see how this piece was created by visiting my Facebook page. Also, please click the pic for more details. How do you think he looks & what kind of beaded dog should I make next?

4 thoughts on “New Beaded Rough Collie Pin on Etsy!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Skin cancer can be such a sneaky disease, people don’t seem to think it’s as life-threatening as other cancers. 😦

    Well, you’ve already done a wiener dog and those are my favorites, so how about a miniature Australian shepherd? They’re fun little pups!

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