Fire Polished Eyes

Until I finish unpacking all of my beads and set up a more permanent work space, I will be concentrating on smaller projects. My latest piece will be a beaded portrait of a friend named Geoff.

Geoff is an optometrist at Central Square Eye Care in Cambridge, MA. He was kind enough to provide me with a bag of used eyeglass lenses to use for beading projects. So, I thought it appropriate to create a beaded portrait of him similar to my self-portrait entitled iMac Insomniac. Several months ago, I took a picture of him, and then worked on the above colored-pencil sketch.

Beaded portrait in progress. Bead embroidery on felt. 8" x 9" (20cm x 23cm).

So far, I am using larger Czech glass beads then I usually do, but I plan to use tiny seed beads for the rest. We’ll see how it turns out! Back to beading! B)

2 thoughts on “Fire Polished Eyes

  1. I really like the look of this portrait, I would very interested to see when it is finished. I admire your work as it is the medium I don’t relate to as much but fully know what it takes to do it. I have done bead embroidery before and it takes skill as well as creativity. My thing is bead weaving and stringing. A lot of transition going on for me too. One move completed and another one to deal with yet. Maybe I will have better bead studio by the time I have completed all the shifting! My Best, Lori

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