Beaded NYC Taxi Cab

beaded NYC taxi cab bead embroidery art car

Beaded NYC taxi cab. Bead embroidery on felt. 10" x 3" (26cm x 8cm).

Today, I finished beading my first NYC taxi cab! I used many different colour glass seed beads in size 11 & 15. There are also some size 10 triangles on the rear windshield. And, as you can see, the felt is not completely beaded! There is some bare felt showing through! I hope this helps convey that the car is speeding down the street in front of my beaded Radio City Music Hall… What do you think? :O

beaded Radio City Music Hall NYC street scene bead embroidery painting

Semi-beaded Radio City Music Hall (NYC). Bead embroidery on felt. Beadwork 15″ x 20″. (38cm x 51cm) Work in progress.

3 thoughts on “Beaded NYC Taxi Cab

  1. I just love how wonderfully you stylize such common things like cabs and buildings! Cab is too gorgeous, feels like it is driving hugely fast and will disappear behind the nearest corner in a blink… Wonderful work, Diana 🙂

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