Small Beaded Dachshund Pin

Beaded DACHSHUND dog pin/ brooch - wearable pet art Etsy bead embroidery

Beaded Dachshund  pin/pendant.
Bead embroidery on felt. 5cm x 2.5cm.

Today, I finished a small project that I began working on over the weekend. A new beaded doggie pin! This is a Dachshund. This piece is very small – just 5cm wide. I made this using only size 15 seed beads & a glass taxidermy eye for his nose. The ear was made using a peyote technique, and it actually moves up & down when you touch it. His skinny tail also moves! And although this piece is very small, it took quite awhile to make – about 4 hours of beading! This piece is now listed for sale in The Lone Beader’s Gallery Shop on Etsy. Please stop by and take a peek! Back to beading!  😀

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