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Long time no blog, yet I have been busy beading! While I was in Tucson, I received a custom order request through my Etsy shop. A beaded Yorkshire Terrier pin/ pendant! This cute little dog is named Jetboy & he lives in Czech Republic. I received his photo via email and began beading. 

First I resized the photo and traced it. Then, I cut out 4 layers of felt: 2 layers for his entire body, and 2 layers for his head. Working from his photo, I used a drop bead & Japanese size 15 seed beads to bead his entire body. Beaded Jetboy is quite small (3cm x 4.5cm), and I used quite a few different colours, so this took awhile to complete! :O

I suppose I could have stopped beading there, but it’s really not in my nature. So, I bead-embroidered tiny fringes on his legs and nose. I believe this is the part which adds realism & personality. 

Then, I added even more fringe around his face, ears, & tail. And lastly, I added a red collar. 

Beaded Yorkshire Terrier pin/pendant.
Bead embroidery on felt. 1.25″ x 1.75″ (3cm x 4.5).

All I have left to do now, is add an Ultrasuede backing and pinback, then Jetboy will be ready to ship! Hope my customer likes it! What kind of dog should I make next? 😀

UPDATE: This piece has sold and is now listed in my Etsy shop as Made-to-Order. Please see item listing for more details. Thanks for your interest!

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