>Look into My Beaded Eye


Finally, I have gotten a chance to work on my beaded self portrait! I am currently working on my beaded eyeglasses, so of course I am incorporating real recycled eyeglass lenses. Using Nymo D beading thread, I peyote-stitched around the left lens. I used mostly size 11 & 8 seed beads, as well as a mix black & gold Czech glass beads. I chose these beads because I actually have a pair of black LaFonts which had a gold artsy print on them at one point.. After a few rows of peyote, my vision really started to take shape! Keeping tension on my thread, I stitched all the way around the lens just as it were a cabochon, and it seems to hold the lens in place just fine! How do you think it looks? B)

Semi-beaded self portrait. Bead embroidery on felt. 8.5″ x 5.5″ (22cm x 14cm).
As I was working, I began to think about eyes. They really are windows into a person’s soul. I am a very shy person normally, and I find it very difficult to look into strangers’ eyes, or allow them to look into mine. For me this requires a bit of trust or at least the desire to know and understand the person behind the other pair of eyes. My beaded eyes are not nearly as shy. They are willing to look into your eyes at first glance. Hoping you look back. Hoping you want to know the artist behind the beaded eyes. B)

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  1. >That's amazing! I sure wish I could see it up close. The lens looks perfect (well, it hardly shows actually but that's good). I really am awed by your talent! –Sally

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