>Beaded Green Bird Flew to Moscow


The past few days have been rough! I’m still trying to recover from jet lag. I feel very tired, but I can’t sleep properly. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I think I’m slowly getting better – last night, I slept an entire 6 hours without waking up! So, since I feel somewhat awake, I thought I’d show you a little something I worked on before my trip to Russia. I made a small beaded green bird! This piece consists of bead embroidery on felt, and it’s a pin/pendant like the ones in my Etsy shop

This little green bird was inspired by the logo of my friend Tanya’s online bead shop! Check out Greenbird.ru to see! 🙂 I gave this to Tanya as a gift when I met her in Moscow! Here we are taking a boat ride on the Moskva River having a wonderful time! 🙂
(Click the pic to view more photos!:) 

I am very lucky to have Tanya as a friend. I feel I may have never had the chance to see Russia if it weren’t for her. Also, she took a lot of time off from her business to show me all around Moscow. She taught me a few Russian words, and a lot about Russia, too! I hope we have the chance to meet again one day – maybe in the USA! 😀

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