>Raise a Beaded Eyebrow


Today, just a quick post to show you the progress of my beaded self portrait. I have added a few more colours and bugle beads for eyebrows! So, far, I like it, but I don’t know if it really looks like me! B)

self portrait beadwork bead embroidery art the lone beader russia moscow recycled eyeglasses lens lenses

Also, I am proud to announce that one of my beaded sheepdogs has been selected as a finalist in Fire Mountain Gems’ seed-beading contest! You can view my entry HERE. 🙂 Back to beading and packing for my trip to Moscow! Only 2 more days! Yay! 😀

One thought on “>Raise a Beaded Eyebrow

  1. >I really like it so far!I think you have so much patience, I could never do that!And don't worry, I don't think my self portraits (when I draw them) look like me either! 🙂

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