>Beady Eye on Moscow


Thank you to those who have sent me words of encouragement regarding my upcoming trip to Moscow. I have been keeping my eye on the news stories, and as of now, I believe that the smog has lifted and the air is clean. If the winds change, smog could return to the city, but no one is certain. I also looked at the weather reports, and they are forecasting rain & thunderstorms for Monday into Tuesday – the day that I am due to arrive. I pray that this is true! Rain is much needed in Russia!

beaded self portrait beadwork thelonebeader recycled eye glass lenses fiber art beads

Like everyone else, I have been debating whether I should cancel my trip to Russia, reschedule my trip for a better time, change my destination and just go to St. Petersburg, or go on my trip to Moscow as planned. I am aware that the US Embassy in Moscow has issued a travel warning urging all Americans to cancel non-essential travel to the city, but this is only an alert. As of now, I think I will take the risk, and go to meet my friend. What would you do in this situation? 😮

Bead embroidery on felt. 5.5″ x 9″. 
Back to beading my self-portrait & checking the news reports! 😮

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  1. >It seems the weather has been good for the past few days in Moscow and the air is clear. Smog may come back briefly, but it's supposed to rain Monday & Tuesday. The heat wave is supposed to end next week… So, I think it will be okay. The safest thing for me to do is meet my friend at the airport as planned! 😀

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