>Mentioned in Australia’s Creative Beading Magazine!


Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know this – last week, I learned that I have been mentioned in Australia’s Creative Beading Magazine (Issue 6.3)! I’ve been told that photos of my beadwork have also been printed, too! This is the second international publication mentioning The Lone Beader! (The first was Russia’s РУЧНАЯ РАБОТА.) I am so honoured! Below is a peek inside. Now, I need to find a copy of this at either Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstore! 😀

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11 thoughts on “>Mentioned in Australia’s Creative Beading Magazine!

  1. >Thanks everyone! And, very cool, Chrisbeads! Thanks for checking it out! I don't think I will see a copy here in the States until September. At least that is what the bookstores have told me! Guess I'll have to be patient! 😮

  2. >Congratulations!I don´t wonder people are interested in your work.You're a woman with infinite creativity.Always in my heart

  3. >Thanks for your comment, Karyn! I will look for this magazine here in the States during the next couple of weeks. If I don't find it, I may take you up on that offer! 😀

  4. >Wow! Your beadwork looks AMAZING. So detailed and so much work involved. I can see why you'd be featured!I would love for you to post some of your amazing creations on my new site http://efreeme.com – there are no listing fees or commission on sales!

  5. >Hi Carol! Great news about your BJP pages! I just edited the post. Both Borders and Barnes & Nobles get this magazine, but may only receive limited copies. I searched last week, and none of my stores have received it yet. Maybe this week. I haven't seen where to get it online yet…

  6. >HiI have been looking everywhere to find a copy. At least 2 of my BJP pages are in that same issue. Even the publishers website doesn't list it yet. If you get a line on where to get this issue, could you let me know, or post. I'd sure like a copy and I am sure I know a couple of other's that would too. I think the shipping is about $20 to have a friend send it over.

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