>Custom Hammered Gold Crosses


Yesterday, I went to Beaucoup Beads in Scituate Harbor, MA to pick up a special order. Custom hammered gold metal crosses for my beaded St. Mark’s Basilica! These were made by my friend Erin Meagher.  Erin has done custom work for me before – she made hammered silver rims for my beaded motorcycle. Also, she has recently opened an Etsy shop where she sells some of her jewelry. For my sinking St. Mark’s Square painting, Erin created 7 hammered crosses with loops at the bottom instead of the top. I really like how these turned out, so last night I stitched them to the back of my beadwork. Below, you can see a sneak peek of how they look on my canvas:  

Sinking St. Mark’s Square (Venice, Italy).  Bead embroidery on painted canvas. 
24″ x 36″ (32cm x 46cm). Work in progress.
Now, I’m inspired to finish my piece. All I have left to do is a little more painting, and then stitch the beadwork to my painted canvas! 😀

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