>Painted Sky


I am super shy about showing the progress of my painting on canvas, but here goes anyways… Above, you can see that I masked off an area to the right of my beaded Campanile. It is my intention that this area of my canvas will not be painted. I’m not sure if this idea will work or not – it’s another one of my art experiments! Then, I painted a light bluish-gray winter sky above my sinking St. Mark’s Square. Below St. Mark’s Basilica will be flood water. Right now, it is several shades of green because much water in the canals of Venice looks that way, but I’m thinking that the these waters need to appear more gray, so I will probably paint over this. I also hope to do a little beadwork for the water (eventually), but I haven’t planned this part out yet… I guess we’ll have to see what happens! Back to painting… 😮

St. Mark’s Square (Venice, Italy).  Bead embroidery on painted canvas. 
24″ x 36″ (32cm x 46cm). Work in progress.

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  1. >You do just (for me) impossible things with these small glass parts. Art.As for you question about Moscow August, the sun goes down about half past eight in the end of month. Please ask if you need any info, and welcome to the city!

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