>Canvas Sketch of St. Mark’s Square


Last night, I set up my easel for painting on a 24″ x 36″ stretched canvas. The canvas may seem slightly large but the beadwork I will be stitching to it measures approx. 12″ x 18″ tall. This size should give the beadwork some breathing room. Before I start anything, I wanted to sketch out the image I have had in my mind for the past several months. Sinking St. Mark’s Square

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I am beginning to see why Napoleon referred to Piazza San Marco as ‘the finest drawing room of Europe’… On the left of my beaded St. Mark’s Basilica you will see buildings that look to be drawn in a more traditional sense. The tallest building is St. Mark’s Clocktower. On the other side of my beadwork, to the right of the Campanile, you see a more sparse sketch of the buildings that seem to have once existed. These are the Doge’s Palace, and Procuratie Nuova which houses the Museo Archeologico and Museo Correr. As the flood waters of a beaded Acqua Alta rise, these buildings will slowly sink and my drawings will eventually disappear…  😮

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