>Felt Bird & Beads to Go


This morning, I finished packing up some seed beads to travel with me on a weekend getaway! I’m off to Pittsburgh, PA to visit family for a few days. I hope to visit the Andy Warhol Museum and maybe hang out on the Strip. I’m also going to see my favourite band, Porcupine Tree, play at Mr. Smalls Theatre! And, maybe if there is time, I will work on my beadwork… 🙂

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I packed mostly black, blue, and white seed beads, as well as needles, thread, scissors, and felt into a small pencil box. On the left side, there are beads to use for the Campanile in my beaded St. Mark’s Square painting, and on the right side, there are beads to make a new beaded bird for my Etsy shop! (Can you tell what kind of bird it is?) I figure this should be enough to keep me busy on nights I suffer from insomnia!
I also have some great news which I will write a more formal post about later. My beaded White House painting, Taken by Storm, has been juried into the Cambridge Art Association‘s 2010 Northeast Prize Show! I have posted this event on my Facebook page, if you are interested. Also, if you would like to find out what I’m up to while I’m away, please follow me on Twitter! That’s all for now… I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you when I return! 🙂

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  1. >Blue Jay? We have a lot of them and lots of yellow colored finches but red is rare out here…the red tail hawk is more rust colored and the red-wing blackbird just has a tiny slice of red on her wing…

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