>Media Mix Opening Reception


Friday night, I went to the opening reception for Media Mix at the South Shore Art Center, and had a fantastic time. It was a lovely evening for the opening reception and many people in Cohasset, MA were out and about. I was surprised at how many people showed up – the entire gallery space was packed! The juror, Gretchen Keyworth, also attended. There was food, beer, wine, live music, and awards! Here are some photos:

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The Lone Beader's Media Mix photoset The Lone Beader’s Media Mix photoset

This national juried art exhibition features works of art that offer “distinctive imaginative imagery using 2 or more media” and artists in the show hail from 14 different states. Overall, it seemed that my ‘
Time Traveler Trilogy‘ was very well-received at this exhibition. Many people were interested in my beadwork, wanted to meet me or introduced me to other people. I was asked quite a few questions about how I create my beaded paintings. I was complimented on my approach to art (very encouraging)! A few people also said they had seen my beaded fire truck at the Duxbury Art Association Winter Juried Show! The entire evening was just wonderful. Please check my Flickr for more pics. And, for more info regarding Media Mix, please check the South Shore Art Center‘s website or my Exhibits page. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

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  1. I live in Weymouth, just returned to the US after 7 years in China. I am looking to get involved in an art Community. I am a professional and would love to exhibit as well. If anyone has some ideas I would appreciate it. thank you. MaryAnn Voveris

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