>Five Beaded Basilica Domes


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Semi-beaded St. Mark’s Basilica (Venice, Italy). 
10″ x 5.5″ (24cm x 14cm) 

Finally, more progress on my beaded St. Mark’s Basilica! Now, five beaded domes cap this felt landmark. This is the same number of domes Basilica di San Marco has in real life, but by the time I am finished, it should appear that there are even more than that! In addition to doing the beadwork, I have also altered the felt that I have cut out just a bit. I want the felt shapes to appear as though they are slowly sinking. What else do you think I should do to help give that effect, and how do you think it looks so far?

4 thoughts on “>Five Beaded Basilica Domes

  1. >I think they are looking great. The wonky way they are put together gives me the impression of sinking. The only idea I could think of at the moment to enhance the sinking look was when you mount it, maybe make a slit in the canvas so the pavement looks like it's over the buildings a bit? Not sure if I'm describing the visual I have in my head well enough there.

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