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Today, I am working on a custom order for a repeat customer – another beaded Jack Russell Terrier pin. This one is intended to be a raffle gift at an upcoming Jack Russell Terrier Trial! 🙂

beaded beadwork Irish Jack Russell Terrier pin pendant seed bead embroidery etsy commission

While I was working on this, I was thrilled to receive an email from the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset, MA. My largest bead-painting, Time Traveler Trilogy, has been selected for their upcoming Media Mix exhibition! This painting features my beaded Einstein sheepdog traveling in a beaded DeLorean Time Machine. You can see it on my website HERE

beaded beadwork Veneto Bordeaux wine bottle pin pendant seed bead embroidery etsy

Media Mix will feature works of art that offer “distinctive imaginative imagery using 2 or more media”. This show was juried by Gretchen Keyworth, Fuller Craft Museum‘s Director Emeritus & Chief Curator. The show runs through March 19 – May 2 at the South Shore Art Center. I will post event details on my Exhibits page (which can be found on the new navbar at the top of my blog) next month. That’s the news for now! Back to beading! 😀

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  1. >I was sure I'd posted a comment here, but it's gone. Or maybe I posted it on the end of another of your posts. Anyway, just wanted to say congratulations on your exhibitions! St. Paul's Basilica is an ambitious project. Wow, should be fabulous!

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