>Weekend Wine Bottle


All this talk about Venice, Italy has made me thirsty for fine Italian wine! So, I made a beaded wine bottle pendant for my Etsy shop this weekend! Check it out:

beaded beadwork Veneto Bordeaux wine bottle pin pendant seed bead embroidery etsy

This piece was pretty easy to create. I used only 3 shades of purple and green seed beads. For visual interest, I stitched the purple seed beads in all different directions. Then, I layered the lime green to add a little dimension. Lastly, I stitched on a gold metal loop at the top which is both decorative and functional. I really like the results! To see more pics of the finished piece, please click the photo below.

beaded beadwork Veneto Bordeaux wine bottle pin pendant seed bead embroidery etsy merlot cabernet

And, here’s a little wine story to go along with this post. When I was on my way home from Venice, I was at the airport when I realized I wanted to buy a nice bottle of Moscato to bring home from Italy. The woman at the wine shop packed it into a clear plastic bag so that I could carry it on the plane. I was in the air for about an hour or so, until I arrived in Paris where I had to catch my next flight back to Boston. It was then that I realized that the plastic bag with my Moscato in it had gotten jostled. Somehow, the seal on the bag came open in the overhead only the slightest bit! Needless to say, the French did not approve. They would not let me through security with it, even though I had my receipt and proof that I just got off a plane from Venice just 30 minutes prior. The French claim that they were just doing their job, but I like to believe that they took advantage of the opportunity to confiscate a good bottle of wine! In either case, I was not happy. Now, I must return to Venezia just to buy another bottle of wine… 😉

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  1. >Great little wine bottle.Maybe the need for another trip to Venice is the reason for not getting that bottle home.I went there a couple of years ago myself and felt the same way…can't wait..and actually NEED to return!I hope you get the chance to buy another bottle!!

  2. >mmmmm i had a beautiful italian red a few days ago.. well 1/4 of a glass as im not allowed alcohol until ive had my baby lol!!! this looks gorgeous, the beading for the liquid is very beautiful! great gift for wine lovers!

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