>Scenic Blue Beaded Bus on Zazzle!


beaded psychedelic blue bus The End lone beader zazzle shop shopping beadwork bead embroidery art prints

Check out the latest design in my new Zazzle shop – my Scenic Blue Beaded Bus! This design is inspired by the image seen on my official website. It is currently available on Coffee Mugs, Note Cards, Postcards, Tote Bags, T-shirts, and Mouse Pads. 🙂
beaded Irish Jack Russell Terrier dog doggie t-shirt beadwork zazzle shop lone beader bead embroidery art prints
Also, check out the Rudy’s Dream Doggie T-shirt I designed! I was inspired by a little dog I saw wearing a t-shirt in Downtown Crossing the other day. I couldn’t resist – it’s Beaded Irish Jack Russell Terrier Wear! More products & designs are coming soon. Which item from The Lone Beader’s Boutique is your favourite? 🙂

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