>Winter Juried Show 2010


On Saturday night, I attended the opening reception for the Duxbury Art Association’s 36th Annual Winter Juried Show, and had a wonderful time! The event was crowded, too – I estimated that more than 125 people attended the Art Complex Museum. I will be honest – I didn’t take many photos at this show because I was too busy eating Island Creek Oysters! I think the oysters were the best part of the evening, other than the fact that I won an award! My beaded fire truck, Engine Co. 6, won 3rd Place Mixed Media! I am so thrilled! I also had the chance to talk about my beadwork a lot – many people approached me to ask questions about my work as well as my inspiration for the piece. It was a lovely evening! Please check out more pics in my Flickr or on my Facebook page. Enjoy! 🙂

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The Lone Beader's Winter Juried Show 2010 photoset The Lone Beader’s Winter Juried Show 2010 photoset

6 thoughts on “>Winter Juried Show 2010

  1. >that is a great achievement well done for making 3rd! i bet it was amazing having so many people want to talk about your craft. i look forward to the day i can take my work to events!

  2. >Third prize is great, but I'm betting it won't be too long before you start achieving first prizes all over the place – congratulations, Diana!

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