>Big Beaded Tires


This morning, I finished up the last beaded tire on the little red car I’m working on. Basically, I just beaded over & around 4 rubber grommets that I had stitched onto felt. Now, I think its safe to say that it no longer looks like a VW Beetle, although it did start out as a drawing of one. Interesting how a bit of felt, a few yards of thread, and a handful of seed beads can sort of take their own shape!


beaded love Luv VW Bug Beetle red milliefiori bead embroidery beaded beadwork car etsy Valentine's Day
Regardless, I think it looks kinda cool for my first 3D beaded car. To me it definitely looks like some sort of European car. What kind of car would you call it? I don’t think it’s quite finished yet, but when it is, I think I’ll list it on ebay as a charity auction to help the people of Haiti. At least that is my plan! 😀 

beaded love luv VW Bug Beetle red milliefiori bead embroidery beaded beadwork car etsy Valentine's Day

Semi-beaded 3D car. 4″ x 1.75″ (10cm x 4.5cm).

Bead embroidery on felt.


Also, just a bit of other news. I am in the process of moving The Lone Beader’s Boutique from CafePress to Zazzle. I created a shop & added a few items there last night. I will be adding more items in the next few weeks, and eventually I will be closing down my Cafepress shop. I think Zazzle will be more fun because customers can customize many of the items. If you’re on Zazzle, please join my fan club! That’s all for now. Back to beading! 🙂

19 thoughts on “>Big Beaded Tires

  1. I jusl love your little car. I wonder if somebody could help me with a simple 3d or 2d beaded car to be used as keyring.
    We have to make lots of them so it must be a simple pattern.

  2. >how adorable is that…I know someone who might be willing to pay for you to make one…they (husband and wife) both own VW Bugs…one new…one vintage…how much would you charge? I'd be happy to put you in contact with them…great work.

  3. >OMG that is so cool!!!! I also have a zazzle shop so I fanned yours! Zazzle is great…their payment system is like clockwork every month! check out mine if you'd like:)http://www.zazzle.com/sassybellewares*

  4. >oh, wow, it is really wonderful makings.. You are just amazing. My son will be very happy to see it. His biggest dream is car only and thats AUDI only. He is very crazy for it. He will be happy to see it. Thanks for sharing all.buy r4i karte

  5. >Thanks, everyone! And, I really don't have as much patience as everyone thinks! And, I am glad it looks like a Beetle to you, Annette! I guess it sort of does.. I am just very critical of my own work.

  6. >That's an awesome car! I think it looks like a beetle…that was my first thought when I saw it, anyway! Good luck with the auction for Haiti!

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