>Beaded Two-Tone VW Bugs


beaded love Lub Bug VW Bug Beetle red milliefiori bead embroidery beaded beadwork car etsy Valentine's DaySemi-beaded VW Beetle. 4″ x 1.75″ (10cm x 4.5cm).
Bead embroidery on felt.
Today, just a quick update on my beaded VW Beetle. I have finished beading most of the body of the car. I am using 5 different red seed beads, as well as clear beads. Now, all I have to do is stitch the two pieces together, and finish beading the seam of the piece. I may layer some different colour beads on top of the red. I also need to do something with the wheels, but I haven’t quite figured out what yet. So far, I like how it’s coming together. It’s a fun little project! 😀

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