>Semi-Beaded Bugs


Now that I’ve finished my beaded military tank, thought I would spend the weekend creating something fun for my Etsy shop. Some of you may remember this, but awhile back, I created a couple of felt VW Bugs. Well, those felt pieces have been sitting on my work table for almost a year, so I thought I should do something with them! I originally planned to use bright green or pink beads for this, but instead I reached for red! Maybe I have Valentine’s Day on my mind… or maybe I was inspired by the little red VW Beetle my dad had when I was only 1-yr. old! 🙂

beaded love Lub Bug VW Bug Beetle red milliefiori bead embroidery beaded beadwork car etsy Valentine's DaySemi-beaded VW Beetle. 4″ x 1.75″ (10cm x 4.5cm).
Bead embroidery on felt.
First, I stitched on some millefiori glass heart beads that I purchased in Venice, Italy. Then, I started stitching some size 15 and size 11 glass seed beads around them. I am working back & forth between the 2 pieces, because eventually they will become part of the same beaded car – like a little felt sculpture! This is just one of the beaded experiments I have been planning. We’ll see how it turns out! 🙂

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  1. >Cute cars! I wish I can sew 🙂 keke..God BlessAlicehttp://piggylittleshop.blogspot.com/http://twitter.com/piggylittleshophttp://www.etsy.com/shop/Piggy

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