>New Year, New Sheepdog


Every New Year on this blog, I usually give an detailed outline of what goals I would like to accomplish. Sometimes goals are accomplished and sometimes they aren’t, so this year, I decided I’m just going to go with the flow. I’m going to bead what I want to bead when I want to bead it! And, it’s a good thing, because I have just received a custom order for my Etsy shop – another beaded sheepdog pin/pendant! Not a bad way to start out 2010! 🙂

beaded Eliza Old English sheepdog felt shapes commission beadwork for sale etsy the lone beader
Today, I cut out some felt shapes for my beaded Old English Sheepdog. (I also cut out some felt for a future poodle!) Then, I stitched my felt pieces together.

beaded Eliza Old English sheepdog pin pendant commission beadwork for sale etsy the lone beader

Here are the beginnings of Eliza, the 4th dog taken from my Divas portrait. (You can read more about the real Eliza HERE.) I am doing bead embroidery using 5 different colours of tiny Japanese size 15 seed beads. I think I have about 1/4 of the beadwork complete. How do you think she looks so far?
Also, for any beaders who have not read my Facebook page, be sure to check out Laura McCabe‘s website to download a free holiday beading pattern! Back to beading! 🙂

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  1. >Happy new year to all and I have enjoyed these vacation and long holidays very nice and happily with my friends. We celebrate Christmas at NY city with cake cutting and dinner with lots of fun together whole new year eve and night. Really remember that day and have photos have taken too…r4

  2. >Going with the flow is the best way with regards to creativity. We spend a lot of time with our creative projects and so there is always a certain project for a certain time in the year or in your life. :O)Wishing you loads of creativity flows for 2010! 🙂

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