>Celebrate with Sequins


Wow, I can’t believe it’s the last day of the year already. Where does the time go? I really wanted to finish my beaded military tank by now, but the truth is, the past month has been busy for me. I have been busy meeting with friends and just having fun!
beaded handbag Club Monaco sequins Made in India sequined bead embroidery New Year's Eve
Yesterday, I spent the afternoon shopping in downtown Boston with a friend, Jessica, who is visiting from Italy, and everywhere we went, there were sequins! I love sequins – they are so festive, especially for this time of year – but I don’t love everything that is sequined… It has to be done tastefully. We walked into Club Monaco where we both noticed the sequins above. The design uses 3 colours of sequins – black, slate-blue, and silver- in various sizes. These sequins were sewn to a beautiful little fold-over clutch handbag with 2 zipper pockets. The tag on the inside says ‘Made in India’. The little bag was 50%-off, so I just had to have it! 

beaded handbag Club Monaco sequins Made in India sequined bead embroidery New Year's Eve
Yes, another handbag has been added to my collection, but more importantly, I think this will remind me of spending an afternoon with a friend. Every year that goes by, I come to value the meaning of friendship more and more. Whether they are new friends, old friends, or blog friends who I have not yet met, I truly appreciate them and all that they have done for me. So, this New Year’s Eve, I plan to celebrate friendship. Every New Year, we get another chance to strengthen old friendships as well as begin new ones. We also get another chance to celebrate with sequins! So, wear something sparkly tonight, and have a happy 2010!! 🙂

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  1. >Hey it is really a very nice and beautiful bag you have shown. I really loved to see all your post of new year and this too. Thanks a lot for it.r4

  2. >Happy New Year to you too, Lone Beader. I like the clutch story. You may have opened my eyes to sequins. I hope you have many encounters with friends in 2010.

  3. >Thanks for the wonderful reminder of what's really important in life! I'll be spending this new year with my family (who are also very dear friends to me)! Happy new year to you!

  4. >beautiful new purse! and i appreciate your sentiment; i find myself valuing my friends more and more as i get older.now, i'm off to buy something sparkly for tonight!have a lovely new year's eve!

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