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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I must have been good because I got everything I wanted this year! Here’s one gift from my sister that I’d like to share with you – a vintage beaded handbag to add to my collection! The beaded snowflake pattern on this bag is coming apart from the metal frame a bit, but almost all beads are intact! It’s difficult for me to tell the age of this bag, but the tag inside says it was made in Hong Kong. I don’t think it’s very old, but it is very pretty! Perfect for the holiday season! What did you get for Christmas?? 🙂
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Just a couple other news tidbits. First, I have selected a winner for my final Lark Books giveaway. Michelle Mach will receive a brand new copy of Marcia Decoster’s ‘Beaded Opulence’! (yay!!) Michelle is an accomplished freelance writer and jewelry designer. She helped launch the Beading Daily newsletter (published by Interweave) in 2007! Please stop by Michelle’s website to learn more about her and for links to some of her free beading projects! 🙂
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Also today, Talisman Studios selected my beaded owl painting, The Messenger, to be in an Etsy Treasury! It’s entitled Owl Be There’! I am so thrilled because I love owls! I think this is my favourite Treasury, yet! Please stop by to check it out, then let me know.. which owl is your favourite, and what kind of beaded bird painting should I make next?? 😀

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  1. >Thanks for the comment, happiegrrrl! And, Lisa, I love your idea of doing a Bald Eagle! I want to do more birds of prey, but I would also love to do some exotic birds from faraway lands! 🙂

  2. >What a special and thoughtful gift from your sister!! That bag is so pretty and I love the snowflake pattern! Do you think you could fix it?What did I get for Christmas? 🙂 Well,…I must have been good, I didn't get any coal in my stocking! LOL! ;-)I got a gorgeous beaded piece from a sweet friend that is *BEAUTIFUL*, a LL Bean Wind-Proof fleece pullover to keep me warm and it is *AWESOME*, a beautiful crystal star ornament from my boys that is *STUNNING*, a tripod *I've never had one before and can't wait to try it…REALLY FUN* and a few beads and candies in my stocking that are *SWEET*! I feel very fortunate.I missed out on the Lark Books giveaway, but congratulations to Michelle! How cool!Love the messenger in the treasury! I have a thing for owls too…especially wise old owls! Favorite?…hands down, "The Messenger"…love it!!Next beaded bird painting?! 🙂 I think any bird painting you choose to do next will be stunning!Well, thinking out loud and kind of along your theme, how about the Bald Eagle, our national bird? It became the national bird and political symbol of the U.S.A. in 1782. Or, what about the White Fantail Dove…it has been the symbol of Peace and Hope for thousands of years. I think the Northern Flicker would be stunning done in beads too! ~Lisa

  3. >Talisman Studios here – and SO ironic your post today includes a handbag along with the mention of your "messenger" beaded owl. Why? because I used to be a handbag designer!You are right that the lovely beaded bag is not "too" old – probably around 30-40 years. Handbags for import from Hong Kong to the US has been occurring since the early 1970's, when Nixon signed agreements which opened trade between China and the US. I know that during the time I worked as a handbag designer from 1988-2002, China was the main manufacturer for the type of bag you mention. Manufactury in Hong Kong has been going on during this time, but it's the same as here – expensive in a big city, so move production to a less expensive labor market(China, at the time, and now Philippines, India, and such). It's very pretty though, and a thoughtful gift for an artists who appreciates beads!

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